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Tourist Sports and Recreational Centre Heko- Karalinka

Located in Bugojno, found on a plateau, at an altitude of 680m above sea level.

Geographically, it is located on the intersection of roads to Sarajevo, Zenica, Travnik-Kupres, Livno, Split, Banjaluka, Jajce, Jablanica and Mostar.  The driving distance to Sarajevo is 137km, to Banjaluka 112km, to Mostar 118km and to Split 168km.

Bugojno is surrounded by older towns Gornji and Donji Vakuf, “Vezir” town Travnik, with winter centre Vlasic at a distance of 50km, Kupres town with winter centre Cajusa at a distance of 30km, and historically documented town Jajce with the shrine “Saint Ivo” at a distance of 40km.

The geographical location of the centre belongs to an area through which old Ilirian, Roman, middle age Bosnian, Turkish, and other roads intersected and connected central Bosnia and the Dalmatian coast, and roads which connected the Dalmatian coast with Panonia.

Climatically, the center is found in a region influenced by a continental climate. The warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celcius; while in the winter period January temperatures average at around -5 degrees. Annual temperatures vary by up to 20 degrees Celcius. The summers are mainly dry and warm, while winters are relatively cold.  Average yearly temperature is around 10 degrees Celcius with rainfall evenly distributed.   The snow paths stay covered for up to 90 days, with an average thickness of snow at around 50 cm.  Sunshine is relatively strong, averaging at around 2000 hours per year.

The climate at the center is convenient with moderate humidity and temperature, with satisfactory sunny periods without strong wind. The location is ideal for tourism, sport and recreation.
The center setup includes:
I - Hotel Heko with supporting facilities located adjacent to the roads Sarajevo-Bugojno-Split and Mostar-Bugojno-Split.

Motel “Heko” offers a beautiful restaurant, entertainment hall, conference hall, reception hall, snack-bar, summer and winter outdoor gardens with a variety of grilled and barbeque dishes,  carwash, covered parking spaces, as well as a number of other supporting structures necessary to make your stay comfortable and complete.

II - As an addition to motel Heko, you can find the Tourists Sports and Recreational Centre Karalinka covering an area of about 50 000m2 with the following setup:

  • Motel Karalinka (Mountain lodge type structure of B Category ) with 15 bedrooms equipped with 35 beds purposely built for housing groups  and sports teams, with a  restaurant, bar, in a beautiful surround of pine forest, with adequate parking lots.

  • Grass football field surrounded by pine forest with dimensions of 100m x 55m purposefully built for team training/building with supporting facilities.

  • Small field for futsal, handball and basketball for team training/building with supporting facilities.

  • Running tracks through a pine forest with all the inclinations of terrain necessary for professional training 10 km in length.

  • Lake and a surrounding forest with opportunities for photo-hunting and fishing.

  • Paths and tracks for recreational walking.

  • Paths for ski lift, winter sports facilities and for skating.


III - Apart from what is offered by the tourist sports recreational center, Motel Heko and Karalinka offer the following opportunities:

  • Cooperation with all sports teams and organisations from Bugojno.

  • Cooperation with the fishing and hunting society “Koprivnica” in the famous hunting region “Koprivnica” combined with cooperation with the sport fishing society of Bugojno famous for its trout fishing expeditions on the river Vrbas and its tributaries.

  • Arrangement of rural tourism in the surrounding villages.
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